“I had never had a reiki session prior to my long distance session with Briana. She was so calm and reassuring, and totally open about how it works. She didn't pressure me to follow strict rules as I've heard some reiki practitioners do. Her approach is that she wants you to be comfortable and empowered: if you have something that helps you to be more present during the session, then she invites you to have it. After our consultation, she had me meditate and just be open to the energy, no mental gymnastics. I felt the energy move from spot to spot, unlocking realizations that really surprised me. Afterwards we touched base and she gave me feedback on where she felt my energy was at. It was a very healing experience. I think Briana is a really down to earth practitioner and she makes space for you as an individual in this practice, which is so important because trust is essential in letting the energy through. “ -Amy D. , Bay Area, Ca


Before hearing about it from Bri, I’ve never heard about reiki nor knew what it would be like but I was excited to book a session. I was nervous but she walked me through the process and gave me time to ask any questions before starting. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. She even informed me that it’d normal if I unexpectedly got emotional. Bri was prepared and showed her expertise throughout up until the end when letting me know what she felt about my energy. I did feel the intensity of the energy transferring from her to me and it was a fascinating experience. I teared up at the end but it felt really good and I was relaxed the whole rest of the day. I will definitely come back and look forward to opening up the layers of myself (like an onion as she said). :) - Leslie M., Inland Empire, CA